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Is your Brand ready for the Metaverse?With Play2Earn as a Service, expanding your roadmap starts here.

Take your project to the next level.

As a team we have been working in the Metaverse space for over 3 years, primarily in Fortnite Creative. On this platform, we have worked with numerous large brands, as well as created many successful personal projects. These gaming experiences have reached over 350 Million Unique Players through Fortnite. With our experience in creating games and metaverse experiences for such a large audience it only made sense to also expand our services into Web3. As a team we have launched our own project, Magpie Moguls, and already secured partnerships on new Metaverse Platforms to develop innovative play2earn games.

Play2Earn as a Service

Existing NFT Projects
Already have your own NFT Project? Perfect. We are here to help you extend your roadmap with a Play2Earn game. Using existing platforms like The Sandbox, our team of UGC experts will help you develop a unique gaming experience for your community, from the ground up. Not only are we highly experienced in Game Development, but we also are experts in user experience, and innovative utility in the web3 space. We can help you release a product your community will love.

New to Web3?
No problem. If your brand is looking to enter the web3 space with a play2earn or metaverse experience, we can help. Having launched our own successful NFT Project and long term roadmap we have the expertise to help you get started in this new space. We can help with anything, from launching your own NFT Project, to helping you develop a successful and innovative roadmap.

Exclusive Partnerships
Our team has a reputation in this industry and has worked with numerous large brands over the years. With this, we have the advantage of a well connected network in the Metaverse space. We are able to help your project secure collaborations, and can even build your project on exclusive platforms. We are currently under NDA, but developing Play2Earn games on multiple platforms, including some unreleased ones.

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This is a new service offering in this space, and we're already excitedly working with some new partners. If you would like to discuss our service in more detail, or have a proposal, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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